Francis Muchina DIT '04, BIT '06 

My name is Francis Muchina an Alumnus of KCA University currently based in USA. I give special acknowledgement to the KCA University lecturers who taught me from the basics of computing to more advanced courses with dedication and patience. The principal who shared life lessons with me every fortnight. My family and lovely parents, brothers and sisters who sacrificed a lot for me and a good friend who allowed me to use his personal computer to complete my
assignments. The aforementioned people are the amazing individuals I met throughout my

I enrolled in KCAU in May 2002 for a Diploma in IT which I completed and graduated in 2004.
One call from the institution later gave me a chance to enroll for a bachelor’s degree in IT
which shaped my career in the field of Technology. After graduating with a First Class in 2006, I
entered the Master’s program in IT management at University of Sunderland on an Association
of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) scholarship and graduated with a Master of Science in IT
management in May 2010.

Currently am working as an IT specialist at Wipro Technologies in USA. The skills that I
developed in the program were and still are more than applicable. KCAU launched my career
and am proud to be associated with it.

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2010 - present

2010 - present