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CAMS comprises of two levels with four (4) papers in Level I and three (3) papers in Level II, making a total of seven (7) papers

Who can join?

This programme is suitable for anyone seeking practical knowledge on the fundamentals of business. It is a flexible business programme with a wide range of study areas for those who are looking for a wider variety of career options.

Progression & Exemption

  1. Holders of the CAMS will be eligible to pursue either the ATD or DCM qualifications.

  2. Holders of the CAMS will be exempted in ATD/DCM Level I (four papers) as applicable.

Entry qualifications

The minimum entry requirement for the CAMS is KCSE mean grade D+ or its equivalent.

For actual subject and work experience requirements please contact the enrollment office.

Duration: 2 years

Request information:

Contact us on:

0715 532187 or callcentre@kca.ac.ke

Level I

Paper No:

  • CM11 Principles of Entrepreneurship and Management

  • CM12 Introduction to Law and Ethics

  • CM13 Fundamental ICT Skills

  • CM14 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

Level II

Paper No:

  • CM21 Foundations of Accounting and Auditing

  • CM22 Elements of Public Finance and Administration

  • CM23 Principles of Marketing and Communication

Fee Structure

KSh. 76,770

KSh. 64,895

KSh. 64,895

KSh. 64,895

KSh. 64,895

Trimester 5

Trimester 4

Trimester 3

Trimester 2

Trimester 1


  • This fee structure is subject to review by the University

  • All fees are payable in installments (self-sponsored students only)

  • Please contact the Enrollment office for additional information on programme requirements and fees structure