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Welcome to the KCA University’s Brand Manual. We created this book so that all KCA employees, partners, stakeholders
and students would have a clear set of guidelines for producing, programming, designing or writing anything related to KCA. This consistency in communications is what good brand management is all about.


Audiences must understand the benefits – the points of differentiation – that come from partnering with KCA University versus working with the competition. Above all, you should strive to use the points of differentiation that uniquely position KCA in the hearts and minds of our customers, partners and other key audiences.


Obtain approval. All ads, literature and other external marketing communication materials must be reviewed and approved by Corporate Communications before they are completed.


Be human. Images should relate to benefits and, therefore, be human, rather than product-oriented. Base the message
in humanity and the human experience, not in technical jargon.


Be impactful. Find arresting images to capture the readers’ attention immediately. Stock photography sites can be used, such as: gettyimages, corbis and photonica.

Be confident. Quietly. While we want to be confident in communicating our value to students and other stakeholders, our message should be delivered in the spirit of collaboration. We want to demonstrate how, by working together, we can assist our students and other stakeholders with reaching their goals.


Be Honest. Our marketing and brand message should confidently communicate what we offer and can deliver. What it should not do is falsely state or inaccurately suggest things that we cannot do.


Be understated. The dramatic understatement of under promising and over delivering is the tone to strive for. Find it.


Be clean and crisp. Use elegant, simple but effective communication. Visually and verbally, less is more.


Be conversational. The message should speak with people, not talk at them. KCA University is their partner, share our message with them.


Be respectful and non-promotional. Engage the reader by speaking in a common language. No chest-beating or competitor-bashing. Avoid jargon.

Be benefit-driven. How does this product or service enhance people’s lives? Talk about the benefit.


Be global. We are a global Institute, and need to act like one. Do not use metaphors or sports analogies. Consider translations and image selection with a worldview in mind.


Be sensitive. Not all cultures in the global village share the same values. For example, subtle humor is a wonderful tool to use but humor “here” isn’t necessarily humor “there.” Also consider facial expressions and body language in the images you select.


Be sure. Test the visual and verbal content with the audience to be sure that you are communicating what you want to communicate.




Above all, review KCA’s Vision, Mission and Values. Ensure this message is conveyed in every KCA University communication. Every copy direction and visual cue should do double duty – fulfilling the goal of each assignment as well as communicating the brand promise.



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