The Centre for Entrepreneurship (CE) was established in September, 2009 and serves as a central resource for developing businesses. It is a dynamic entity that invites the participation of those who seek to develop their enterprises in new and innovative ways. It was created to enhance the management abilities of business leaders and the profitability of their firms while building new business relationships through an expanded network. The Centre for Entrepreneurship aims at creating leaders through entrepreneurial thinking. CE is recognized as a Centre for excellence at KCA University and works towards creating the right ecosystem for ideas to mature into successful ventures and fulfilling its mandate, CE has taken up many projects and initiatives to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The Kenyan Economic Survey 2011 launched by the Minister of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 reaffirms the significance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in job creation. The survey states that of the 503,000 jobs created last year, 440,400, or 80.6 per cent were in the SMEs. Only 62,600 or 12.4 per cent were created in the formal sector. It is a recognized fact that SMEs play an important role in many developing economies, including Kenya.

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