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KCA University graduates bring to the market key management, financial management and Information Technology skills that are a heritage of the university's commitment to continuously identify, develop and offer market relevant, market driven curriculum as a means of providing solutions to the community of Kenya and the region. Our various programs are offered at the impressive main campus along Thika road, the universitys town campus and KCA Kisumu.

Talent Seeking
Our success in competing for talent with other top-ranking universities is a mark of our world class standing. In turn, our faculty members enable us to create innovative programs for our world-class students. Furthermore, the University has staff and students from East and Central Africa, and the staff involved in research collaborate with peers all over the world. Come explore as we invite you to visit us at any time in person or through this site and explore the life of our University.

Additional Academic Programs


Computer Maintainence



Course Description

This course is designed to equip learners with practical skills in computer maintenance.  The course lays a lot of emphasis on the hardware component of the computer  and grandaunts in this course are thoroughly trained to fix all the hardware problems



Learning Outcomes

  • To equip the learner with the knowledge and skills necessary to service and repair desktop computers competently, including those in a network environment.

  • To equip the learner with the skills and attitudes necessary to work effectively in a modern office environment.



Career Choices

  • Computer maintenance technicians

  • Computer hardware dealers/vendors




  • People with a speciality in radio and TV repair who would like to diversify their skills to include computer servicing and repair.

  • Computer staff, especially operations managers, supervisors, and operators who wish to gain hardware troubleshooting skills.

  • School leavers with a definite inclination to train for a career in computer maintenance.

  • Computer vendors, especially those dealing in re-conditioned equipment.





9 months  (3semesters, 3hrs/ lesson)




Certificate: Open

Diploma: D plain




32,000 per trimester