Faculty of Education and Arts

We are focused on producing highly effective teachers, administrators, counseling professionals and experts. Our programmess inculcate teaching skills, impart transformational leadership traits on the learners, and orientate the graduate to strive for excellence. The faculty integrates modern technology with a student centered teaching to produce an excellent classroom experience. Our competence is embedded on quality education and focused on an educator for the future. 

If you are an individual who desires to transform education by employing innovative practices and utilizing emerging technologies to maximize learning and effectiveness, then KCA University is the place for you.


Dr. Edward Owino

Dean Faculty of Education and Arts

Careers and Internships

Kenyan employers ranked KCAU graduates 1st among private universities in a 2016 report by the British Council. We provide our students and alumni with the necessary career support need to compliment the world class education they receive at KCAU. Do you need help with your CV, preparation for an interview, or are you looking for a job/internship? Send an email to Catherine wangeci@kca.ac.ke 

Tuition Discounts!!

  • Are you enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters programme at KCAU? Get a 10% discount on the tuition fee of any professional programme you enrol into.

  • Are you a KCAU alumnae/us? Get a 10% discount on the tuition fee of any masters programme you enrol into.

To make enquiries, send an email to callcentre@kca.ac.ke

Contact us:

Lamech An'gila

Dean's Office, Faculty of Education and Arts

Email: odiwuor@kca.ac.ke 

Dr. Priscilla Gachigi

Dean's Office, Faculty of Education and Arts

Email: pgachigi@kca.ac.ke 

Dr. Edward Owino

Dean, Faculty of Education and Arts

Email: owino@kca.ac.ke