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Advancing Knowledge
KCA University graduates bring to the market key management, financial management and Information Technology skills that are a heritage of the university's commitment to continuously identify, develop and offer market relevant, market driven curriculum as a means of providing solutions to the community of Kenya and the region. Our various programs are offered at the impressive main campus along Thika road, the universitys town campus and KCA Kisumu.

Talent Seeking
Our success in competing for talent with other top-ranking universities is a mark of our world class standing. In turn, our faculty members enable us to create innovative programs for our world-class students. Furthermore, the University has staff and students from East and Central Africa, and the staff involved in research collaborate with peers all over the world. Come explore as we invite you to visit us at any time in person or through this site and explore the life of our University.

Additional Academic Programs


Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT)

This program provides students with information technology application knowledge as well as professional business management skills. It is designed to meet the demand in the market for IT skills as well as wide knowledge of business management. It provides the student with an appreciation of business environment, tools and techniques to analyze business problems and most importantly, design solutions to manage business and technology.

Minimum admission requirements:

 - A K.C.S.E Mean grade C (plain) and Mathematics c-(minus) English c- (minus) OR

- K.C.E Division II and Mathematics credit pass English credit pass OR

- K.A.C.E certificate with subsidiary pass in mathematics and English OR

- Certificate in CBIT with credit pass.


The duration for this program is a Minimum 18 months and maximum of 36 months.

List of Units:


Trimester I

DBIT 101: Communication skills

​DBIT 102: Development studies

DBIT 103: Foundations of mathematics

DBIT 104: Fundamentals of computer systems

DBIT 105: Computer applications software

DBIT 106: Fundamentals of accounting

Trimester 2

DBIT 201: Microeconomics

DBIT 202: Human Resource Management

DBIT 203: Business studies

DBIT 204: Principles of management

DBIT 205: Systems analysis and design
DBIT 206: Business Accounting Software

Trimester 3

DBIT 301: Database Management Systems
DBIT 302: Fundamentals of Management Mathematics
DBIT 303: Computer programming concepts
DBIT 304: Macroeconomics
DBIT 305: Data structures and algorithms
DBIT 306: Object oriented analysis and design

Trimester 4

DBIT 401: Computer networks and management

DBIT 402: Cost Accounting
DBIT 403: Computer operating systems
DBIT 404: Object Oriented programming
DBIT 405: Research Methodology
DBIT 406: Internet Application Programming

Trimester 5

DBIT 501: Entrepreneurship skills

DBIT 502: Business Law

DBIT 503: Principles of Marketing

DBIT 504: Business Finance

DBIT 505: Accounting Information Systems

DBIT 506: Project


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