Bachelor of Education

Early Childhood Education

Who can join?

This programme is suitable for those who have a passion for helping people through the challenges of life or issues of mental health. It is recommended for individuals who already play the role of managing or counseling people and need to build on their practical knowledge and skills. High school graduates who have an interest in a career in psychology and counseling are invited to apply. 

Career opportunities

You will find fulfilling opportunities in child protection services, community action specialist, disability support coordinator, human resources assistant, counseling services assistant, mental health records specialist, behavioral interventionist, human services worker, career counselor, crisis intervention worker, fundraiser, research assistant, sales representative, special events coordinator, social program coordinator, among others.

Entry qualifications

KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) OR any other equivalent qualification approved by the university senate.

For actual subject and work experience requirements please contact the enrollment office.

Duration: 3 years (nine trimesters)

Curriculum Road Map

Fee Structure


  • This fee structure is subject to review by the University

  • All fees are payable in installments

  • Please contact the Enrollment office for additional information on programme requirements and fees structure

Why do we think and act the way we do? How does our social environment shape our actions? Can people be empowered to act differently? Learn the theories of human behaviour and apply them to mental, emotional, and behavioural problems.​ You will be equipped with  counseling skills in bereavement and loss, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health, family and relationships, and general counseling. By the end of this programme you will easily work  in multicultural environments and be able to apply global perspectives in your practice.

  • General Psychology

  • Child Development

  • Social Interaction in Early Childhood Development

  • Health Education and Practices

  • Introduction to Computing

  • Foods and Nutrition

  • Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education

  • Pre-school Curriculum

  • Introduction to Art and Craft for Pre-school

  • Art and Craft Methods in Early Childhood Education

  • Personality Development

  • Language for Early Childhood Education

  • Language Methods in Early Childhood Education

  • Music, Movement and Drama

  • Methods of Teaching Music, Movement and Drama

  • Community Education and Mobilization

  • Theories and Methods of Teaching Science

  • Historical Development of Early Childhood Education

  • Material Development for Early Childhood

  • Social Studies in Early Childhood Education

  • Instructional Media

  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Activities

  • Human Learning

  • Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics

  • Research in Child and Family Studies

  • Organization and Management of Feeding Programmes

  • Administration and Supervision of Pre-school Education

  • Comparative Early Childhood Education

  • Exceptional Children

  • Practicum

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