Economics and Business Studies

Bachelor of Arts

The course is covered in 50 units that acquaint students with current thinking on matters of public importance, such as inflation, unemployment, the national debt, taxation policy, labour force analysis, social policy reform, international trade policy, natural resource and environmental economics. Students will be able to identify and discuss the role of supply and demand in a market economy; conditions for market economies to function well; market system advantages and pricing; economic role of government policy; the benefits and costs of a global economy; and analyze economic problems using algebraic and statistical methods.

Who can join?

This programme is suitable for anyone seeking practical knowledge on how economic issues impact business organisations and business decisions. If you want a solid grounding in economics for a successful career in the public or private sector then this is the degree for you.

Career opportunities

Business analyst,  Economic forecaster, Management consultant, Policy advisor, Statistical analyst, and related careers in accounting, finance, human resource management, information systems, marketing and taxation.

Entry qualifications

KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) OR any other equivalent qualification approved by the university senate.

For actual subject and work experience requirements please contact the enrollment office.

Duration: 3 years (9 trimesters)

Fee Structure


  • This fee structure is subject to review by the University

  • Fees are payable in installments (self sponsored students only)

  • Please contact the Enrollment office for additional information on programme requirements and fees structure

  • Microeconomics

  • Maths for Economics

  • Business Studies

  • Macroeconomics

  • Business Ethics 

  • Business Law

  • Business Statistics

  • Marketing

  • Calculus

  • Quantitative Techniques in Business

  • International Economics

  • Business Finance

  • Strategic Business Management

  • History of Economic Thought

  • Operations Research

  • Application of Computing in Business

  • Financial Management

  • Advanced Microeconomics

  • Econometrics

  • Project Planning and Management

  • Monetary Economics

  • Company Law

  • Public Sector Economics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • International Business Strategy

  • Development Economics

  • Financial Economics                                       

  • Environmental Economics

  • Research Methodology

  • Money and Financial Markets

  • International Macroeconomics

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KSh. 51,830

KSh. 51,830

KSh. 51,830

Trimester 5

Trimester 4

Trimester 3

Trimester 2

Trimester 1

Trimester 6

KSh. 51,830

Trimester 7

KSh. 51,830

Trimester 8

KSh. 51,830

Trimester 9

KSh. 61,830

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