1. What are the opening hours of the libraries? 

2. How do I join the Library? 

3. What should I do if I've lost my Library card? 

4. How do I find material in the Library? 

5. What are the Short/Long Loan Collections? 

6. What is the Reference Collection? 

7. What is a periodical? 

8. How many items/how long can I borrow? 

9. How do I reserve or renew an item? 

10. What if I overstay with a borrowed item? 

11. What electronic resources are available to me? 

12. Do I need a password to use electronic resources? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of the libraries? 



Monday to Friday 

07.00 to 20.30 


08.00 to 18.00 


9.00 to 17.00 

Public Holidays 




How do I join the library? 


Diploma, undergraduate and post graduate Students are automatically allowed to borrow 

information materials after activating their students ID cards with the library. Students from the 

School of professional programmes are members but may only be allowed to borrow books 

subject to payment of caution fee (Optional & refundable) and activating their students ID cards 

with the library. All the teaching staff as well as administrative staff automatically become 

members me members and are allowed borrow information materials after registering with the 




What should I do if I have lost my student/staff ID card? 


Loss of student/Staff ID card should be reported immediately to the librarian who will take 

appropriate measures. 



Can I borrow items using another patron’s identity card? 


It is prohibited to use other patron's document(s) to borrow Library items. 



How do I find material in the library? 



Information materials can be searched using: Title, Author/Creator Subject, Call number, LCCN, 

ISSN, or ISBN Keywords, otherwise seek assistance from the information/issue desk. 



How do I know the status of books I have borrowed and the date for returning? 


There are two ways to know the status of loaned books. Option 1: Login to your library account 

from the library catalogue –OPAC, Once logged in using your credentials (username and 

Password), you will see a listing of all the items in your custody including their details. For 

details on how to renew, read the next section. Option2: Please contact the Library help desk for 




What are the short loan & long loan collections? 


Short loan collections are loaned for a limited period of time; currently 7 days for students and 2 

weeks for staff. Long loans are collections that are loaned for a longer period of time; currently 2 

weeks for students and 1 month for staff. 



What should I do when I find the library records do not match with the actual book? 3 


In such a case, please bring your library card to the circulation desk. Always check you records 

to see that your details and those of items borrowed tally. 



How do I login to my library account? 


The login details to your library account are different from the E-learning. An example is, if your 

student number is 10/12345, then login to the library account using ‘1012345’ and your 

password is national ID no. 



Why is it that a book is indicated as available in the database, but cannot be traced on the shelves? 


Our library is open-shelf and some readers leave books around, which results to this situation. 

Please ask for clarification at the circulation desk. 



What is the reference collection? 


These are collections that are only used within the library. They include dictionaries, 

encyclopedias, and directories among others. 



What is a periodical? 


These are magazines, journals, newspapers, or annual publications, which are published 

frequently at regular intervals. The Library subscribes to a large number of periodicals, both in 

print form and electronic. All of these are listed in OPAC; so if you're looking for a particular 

title, try a Periodical Title search in OPAC. The e-resources can be accessed off campus via this 

link http://ezproxy.kca.ac.ke:2048/login 



How many items/how long can I borrow? 


The number of items that can be borrowed and the loan period varies from one borrower 

category to another. This variance is subject to review when deemed necessary by the librarian. 

The current category is shown in the circulation procedures. Note: Loans are made on the basis 

that the item may be recalled if urgently required by another library member. 



How do I reserve or renew an item? 


Reservation is done from the issue desk as well as online. Online reservations can only be done 

using students/staff OPAC account. Renewal can be done from the OPAC or at the issued desk. 

For renewals at the issue desk, one must come with the borrowed item and the due date will be extended. Renewals can only be done once after which the item should be returned back. It is 

possible to renew or reserve even with your Smartphone. 



What if I overstay with a borrowed item? 


A fine will be charged for every library material returned after the due date. 



What electronic resources are available to me? 


The Library subscribes to a number of online databases to help you with your research. They 

cover all the subjects taught at the University. You can ask for individual assistance with these 

resources, if you need it. 



Do I need a password to use electronic resources? 


OPAC can be freely searched off-campus. E-resources subscribed by the Library can also be 

accessed off campus as indicated above. These e-resources (e-books and e-journals) are 

accessible regardless the location you are as long as you have internet access. Please get your 

login credentials from the librarian physically or via e-mail (library@kca.ac.ke or rmacharia@kca.ac.ke). 


Computers are available in the Library which University staff and students are welcomed to use 

for searching library catalogues, online databases and the Internet, using e-mail among others. 

Help with finding information and using the Library's online databases can be provided by 

Library staff. In most cases, the Library's e-resources are accessed without a username and