“Celebrating our past and our promising future”

Dear Friends,

KCA University will celebrate its Inaugural Founders’ Day on Friday, 2nd August 2013 at Safari Park Hotel, Jambo Ballroom from 7.00pm. Founders’ Day is the day when the University celebrates its birth, rich past and its promising future: the past as we honor the bold leaders who dared to dream of KCA University; the future as we learn from our most outstanding Founders, staff, students and Alumni whose contributions portend great things for the future. 

Founders’ Day will be an annual event dating back to the origins of the University in July 1989, when it was founded by the Institute of  Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).  The celebration will be a black tie fundraising dinner, dance and award ceremony. It will bring together university founders, alumni, staff, students and other distinguished members of our society. The intention of observing this day is to build a sense of heritage and tradition for the University. ​​

Founders’ Day will be an annual event when the university honours exemplary contributions that have led to where it is today. As part of the celebration, KCA University will launch an endowment fund to support scholarship. Currently, the university has a student financial aid program funded from internal resources. Since its incepton, the program has benefited over 1000 underprivileged but ambitious students and absorbs 120 new entrants annually. The spirit of the endowment fund is to make this initiative bigger and more sustainable. The proceeds from Founders Day event will go towards the scholarship endowment fund whose target for year 2013 is to increase support for students by 25% with the intention of continued annual growth.

We invite our founders, staff, students, alumni and friends of the University to support us towards making this event and the endowment fund initiative a success by providing us with material and financial support. This may come in form of sponsorship for the event, donations to the scholarship fund or buying as many tickets (individual and corporate) to the gala dinner.


All support received will go a long way towards impacting the lives of young people who would otherwise not have an opportunity to attain university education. At KCA University, we believe that the best contribution we can make to national development is through education.


Yours Truly…​


Manager, Resource Mobilization, KCA UniversityE-mail: resmobilization@kca.ac.ke