Alumni Association

How to get involved

     As a graduate of KCA University, you have opportunities to become involved in sustaining the

     livelihood of our Alma Mater if you choose to:



  1. Become an active member: By paying up your annual subscription fees, you will stand to benefit more from packages prepared for members of the association e.g. tuition discounts, online library access, discounts for various services outside the university, etc. while enjoying invaluable connections with one another.

  2. Refer fellow alumni: You can help us reach other alumni by spreading the word about the association and encouraging them to actively participate. Your networks are a great asset in building up on membership and making the association more vibrant.

  3. Volunteer for leadership: You can have an impact by volunteering to serve on the board of AAKCAU hence contribute towards the running of the association and influence the activities. In the process, you also get mentored by the senior alumni.

  4. Volunteer for recruitment: You can assist with recruiting the next generation of KCAU students; offer career expertise and guidance; support events for recruitment – learn more about this from the University enrolment office today.

  5. Refer a future star: The best source for finding out about outstanding prospective students is from our alumni, friends, faculty & staff. By identifying and referring students whom you feel represent desirable characteristics, is a great way to support your institution. Please provide us with information about these prospective students. We respect confidentiality and any information you provide to us will be used solely for admissions purposes.

  6. Support scholarship: Did you know that more than 70 percent of KCAU students rely on loans to cover the cost of tuition? KCA University has been offering financial aid to needy students through the work study program, funded from internal resources. To make this initiative more sustainable and have a bigger impact, the university launched the KCA University Endowment Fund in 2013 to offer scholarships. Through this initiative we are helping deserving students benefit from the excellence that thrives at KCA University.

  7. Make a donation: KCA University allows you to give towards a cause that you are most passionate about. e.g. library, ICT, education for special groups (you specify), research, faculty support, infrastructure, etc. Every gift, regardless of the amount, enables our students and programs to put excellence in action! Get more information about the opportunities for giving from the KCA University Resource Mobilization office.

  8. Mentor for careers: Alumni volunteers serve as career networking partners for students and graduates who want to learn more about their field. This is a great way to share your success story and offer career advice.

  9. Promote events: Support and attend alumni association as well as general university events to reconnect with former classmates and make new friends and contacts. You may also take advantage of these events to market your products, services, skills, etc. Learn more on how participate in these events from the alumni relations office.

  10. Offer student internships: Encourage your company to offer an internship to a current KCAU student. That way, your company will receive a valuable employee while the student receives practical, hands-on experience to enrich their learning experience.