Human Resources.

The key HR aims at the University are recruitment, retention and development of the very best academic staff and high quality administrative staff to support its corporate vision of being a World Class Business University of Choice and the leading University for practicing professionals.

The University recognizes that whilst its academic and research staff  have a key role in delivering its overall strategic aims, non-academic staff at all levels aim to provide appropriate level of support to enable academic staff concentrate on their core functions.

The HR strategy reflects the Universitys present thinking on how it should address its priorities in the light of the changing dynamic global environment that it operates in. It aligns Human Resources strategic plans with the direction and priorities of the University.

The key strategic priorities of our Human Resources Strategy (HRS) over the next five years are:

  1. Leading a University wide approach to the support, reward, development and management of faculty and staff so that consistent levels of high performance are the norm.
  2. The building of institutional capacity to achieve successful change in the short and long term through appropriate leadership and support for managers.
  3. The establishment and maintenance of effective relations with staff, individually and collectively to achieve high levels of employee engagement.
  4. The development of an environment that fosters employee well-being, respect for diversity and difference and in which there is no tolerance of unfair discrimination.
  5. The development and delivery of HR systems, policies, procedures and structure in a way that is cost efficient and consistent with other elements of the HRS.
  6. The development of the role of Human Resources staff such that through behavior and activity every opportunity is taken to model, promote and sustain effective partnership working with stakeholders.​