Mr. & Miss KCAU

Kenyan Universities have over the years produced an amazing blend of accomplished academicians, artists, sportsmen and businessmen. They’re by any standard an oasis of untapped talent especially in the arts, some even with thriving schools of music and dance.

However, one thing is apparent especially in the campus scene; Most of these young talented students go through campus without ever performing or showcasing their skills. Most students go through campus without ever getting to know what their colleagues in the arts department have to offer. This is brought by a number of factors but the main reason is lack of a viable platform to enable talented students express themselves. Other avenues, concerts and shows are limited or sometimes non-existent. These sentiments are shared across the board in many universities and institutions of higher learning.

It is against this background that KCA University organizes talent week crown by Mr. and Miss KCAU beauty pageant to ensure an improvement in the status quo.  Mr. and Miss KCAU is a major university initiative that go a long way to demonstrate how KCA University is equipping and empowering their students in the field of performing arts for sustainability. The winners and their runner’s ups enjoy multiple opportunities that come with the Title Mr. and Miss KCAU.