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Miss and Mr KCAU crowned at fete

Photo: Antonette Kamene (Corporate Affairs and Communications)

Habib Mohamed and Edina Kendi are the crowned Mr and Miss KCA University 2019.

Friday night was the day that saw beauties show up at university square as models battled out for the crown of Mr and Miss KCAU, which marked the culmination of the university’s cultural week.

The pageant got off to a perfect flow and ran all through the wee hours of the morning, as fans and comrades cheered their favourites all night with musical breaks as Dj JR, Dj Mavela (KCAU student) and Dj Lyta kept the fans on their toes.

The pageant saw 26 models hit the runway and a panel of judges had a keen eye on details, as it was their verdict that was awaited all night long. From creativity in dressing to brains during question and answers session, the beauties did not disappoint. There were all manner of props and skills put in one place as models showed up on the runway with different kinds of paraphernalia. Some came with dogs, pigeons fake coffins and even motorbikes on stage.

The proficient four judge -panel finally settled on Habib Mohamed and Kendi Edina as the fairest of all of them. “I am super elated I emerged the top. It was a tight battle, but I hoped for the best. All of us did what they could and simply clinching the title doesn’t mean am better,” Edina said.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Noah O. Midamba encouraged the young ambitious talents to think beyond books. He also encouraged the brilliant minds to explore their talents and creativity in their fields of passion and assured them of his support.

Prof. Midamba also presented a trophy to chief guest, Achie Alai Ojany, the County Executive Committee Member for Tourism, Culture and Sports, Kisumu County.

Comedians DJ Shiti, Omwami and Tom Daktari cracked the crowd up with their jokes, as they engaged the already overly excited crowd all night.

There were also musical performances by KRG the Don, Naiboi and later on Sailors brought the roof down and closed the show by delivering a great performance that sent comrades into a frenzy.

Credit to MondayBlues: Standard Newspaper