Bachelor of Science in

Public Management

Who can join?

This programme is suitable for civil service professionals and those working with international organizations, Non- Governmental Organizations and corporations of all sizes who would like to increase their knowledge in this sector. This is programme is also recommended for high school graduates who would like to venture into the civil service, leadership, and governance.

Career opportunities

Your career opportunities lie in but are not limited to policy analysis and advice, public administration at the constituency, county, and national level; research, corporate communications; foreign affairs, intelligence; journalism, fund- raising and grant administration; parliament and social analysis. Employers include the public service, international organizations, Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and research/think tanks among others.

Entry qualifications

KCSE mean grade C+ (plus) OR any other equivalent qualification approved by the university senate.

For actual subject and work experience requirements please contact the enrollment office.

Duration: 3 years (nine trimesters)

Curriculum Road Map

Fee Structure


  • This fee structure is subject to review by the University

  • All fees are payable in installments

  • Please contact the Enrollment office for additional information on programme requirements and fees structure

Learn how governments, non- profit organizations and private institutions work together to resolve public problems. You will gain understanding of the values and processes of governance, the role of the public sector, policy analysis, and the management of organisations, programs, resources and people. On completing the programme, you will possess skills in leadership, ethics, management of public and non- profit organizations, and public policy formulation.  

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  • Information Systems

  • Accounting

  • Introduction to Public Administration

  • National Values and Cohesion

  • Development Studies  and Ethics      

  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

  • E-Governance & E-Business

  • Business Strategy

  • Public Policy

  • Administrative Law

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Public Sector Finance

  • Statistics

  • Strategic Management in the Public Sector

  • Organizational Behaviour

  • Human Resources Development in Public  Sector

  • Politics and Organization

  • Financial Management

  • Introduction to Public Speaking

  • Leadership in Public Sector

  • Performance Based Management

  • ICT in Public Sector

  • Monetary Theory and Policy

  • Constitutional Law

  • Human Resources Management in the Public Sector

  • Total Quality Management

  • Development Finance

  • Project Management

  • Sustainability and Planning Policy Development

  • International Public Relations

  • Criminal Justice Management

  • Immigration and Public Policy

  • International Politics

  • Non-Government Organization Management

  • Socio Psychological Aspects for Public Management

  • Public management and governance

  • Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation 

  • Emerging Issues in Public Management

  • Public Sector Knowledge Management