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This is to notify all academic students that Supplementary and Special Examinations are scheduled to commence on Monday, 22nd February 2021 and will end on Friday, 28 th February 2021.

Students who are scheduled for the above-mentioned examinations are required to fill and submit the Supplementary/Special Request Form available on the website www.kca.ac.ke. Follow the link for your respective faculty/college/school to access the online form.

Examination Timetables & Application Links

College or School Application Link Examination Timetable
College of Technology Click here to apply » Masters Examination TimetableDegree Examination TimetableDiploma Examination Timetable
College of Business Click here to apply » Undergraduate Exam Timetable
Masters Exam Timetable
School of Professional Programmes Click here to apply » Exam Timetable
School of Education Click here to apply » Exam Timetable

Kindly note, the deadline to apply for the above exams is Friday, 19th February 2021. Examination Timetables will be posted on the website by Friday, 13th February 2021.

Students who have supplementary units are notified to pay the supplementary exam fee before the start of exams. No fee payment is required for special exams. Consult the Student Finance
Office through email on billing@kca.ac.ke for further clarification on fee payment.

For further assistance on the above subject, please consult the Examinations Coordinator of your respective faculty/college/school

Wishing you all the best in the upcoming examinations.