What we do...

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Results.

1.       Offer academic and proficiency programs in Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship

2.       Facilitate entrepreneurial activities in and around campus by hosting and participating in talks, seminars. workshops and symposiums

3.       Work with MSME’s as a linkage between industry and the academia

4.       Build a high-quality ecosystem for aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs to support resource-strapped startup ventures.

5.       Enhancing efforts to inculcate the value of social entrepreneurship.

6.       Increase economic growth, productivity, innovation among our stakeholders

7.       Advocacy towards enhancing job creation among the youth



1.       Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship) - 3 Years

2.       Certificate in Entrepreneurship – 3 Months

3.       Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship – 3 Months

4.       Certificate in Leadership – 3 Months






1.   Business ClinicsTM   – This is a transformative practical oriented training program that enhances the adoption of enterprise strategies for poverty alleviation among micro and small entrepreneurs in urban slums including Mathare and Korogocho in Nairobi. A pilot program was conducted in the month of  July  2010 involving faculty and students in offering basic bookkeeping skills. This led to the training of over 300 women including teenage mothers in both locations. This intervention led to an impartation of business skills translating to an improvement of business operations and directly impacted over 3000 people by the end of the program. The students act as mentors and the initiative provides them with practical exposure to real life business practices and has contributed to atleast 20% of them  starting  their own businesses and creating jobs while still in college. This model is a sure way of cultivating their business acumen and encouraging them to set up businesses in and after college.



2.   Youth CSR Project: This is an initiative dubbed "Investing in the Kenyan Youth for Posterity" which  is  a tripartite project bringing together CIC Insurance Group Limited, African Biodiversity Conservation  and Innovations Centre (ABCIC) and KCA University covering the three areas that universities operate  in namely; Research, Teaching and Community  Service.  The  project  is  designed  to  popularize  and   address  the  youth unemployment problem while exploring the application of the cooperative model in this process   with    a    view    to    re-vitalize    the    cooperative    movement   and    promote environmental conservation especially among the youth. Moreover, the initiative came at  a  time  when   the  United  Nations  declared  2012  as The International Year of Cooperatives of which CIC Insurance is a major stakeholder.



3.   Research: A team of researchers led by the Senior DVC, AA, Prof. Rosemary Maina won a research grant from ICBE Trust Africa in February 2012 in collaboration with Makerere University Business School. The  research is entitled "The Constructs of Successful and Sustainable SME's in East Africa".



4.   Universities and MSMEs Models: The University has partnered with the Kenya Market Trust (KMT) to offer capacity building in local agribusiness space. This was a result of a study  KMT conducted  on  the  requirements  of  medium  and  small  micro-enterprises (MSME’s) owners. KMT found out that there is a missing middle, and proposed a model that connects Universities with various stakeholders. The University was found to have such a model and will test the target group given its expertise in such engagements.




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