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Why Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Why Centre for Entrepreneurship & Leadership

The Centre has taken up several projects and initiatives to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship, personal financial planning and literacy, risk management, budgeting, bookkeeping and financial advisory services among other initiatives to work with individuals and organizations to cultivate thriftiness and prudency in the use of resources, and also assist in identifying opportunities, starting and managing micro, small and medium scale venture within salaried and non salaried  employment environments- , venturing right after school or opting out of salaried employment to manage the venture on a full-time basis. This is to counter the thought that many people especially the young would not consider the option of starting their own businesses.

Our initiatives prudently assists potential staff and current staff in many organizations to have critical look at the personal resources in the employment environment and how to enhance the quality of life their before, during and after their employment work life, besides exploring the options available outside the salaried employment environment as well.

The need to intrapreneur from within and assist the organization grow is key, considering that one way of looking at personal resources, involves the opportunity that one has to climb the ladder within the organization hierarchy, with efficient utilization of organizational resources entrusted to someone to deliver the required results.

We consider entrepreneurship as being an ‘art’ which when developed among everyone does lead sustainable economic development. From our studies, many university graduates prefer salaried employment to entrepreneurship mainly due to the deep seated perception that employment offers high job security and peace of mind, this is not the case!

The CE&L offers certificate programs in entrepreneurship practice, social entrepreneurship and leadership. We also facilitate entrepreneurial activity within and without the university and act as a linkage between industry and the academia. We work at building a high quality eco-system on and off campus and to support resource-strapped start-up ventures, and stimulate thought processes of potential entrepreneurs in salaried jobs to start their entrepreneurial journey alongside their salaried jobs. We have a keen emphasis towards entrepreneurship skills, financial literacy skills and Life Skills in general towards this important segment of intrapreneurs.  Our overall objective is to increase economic growth, productivity, innovation and job creation among Kenyans and more particularly the youth.

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